Riccardo Corbò

Journalist, expert in youth culture and curator of exhibitions on pop icons from the world of comics.
After a few years as an editor and translator for comic publisher and as a press office for Comics festivals, in 1997 he began collaborating with the Radio Rai programs as an expert in comics, video games and cartoons. In 2001 he started his work with Rai Net, where he is responsible for the Portal and the Community until 2007. For Rai Net he curated the Italian edition of “Food Force”, a video game created by the United Nations WFP. He is the editor of Vincenzo Mollica’s book of interviews “DoReCiakGulp” (2006) for the Eri Rai editions.
Since 2011 he has been working on Tg3, his TV reports are for the “Tg3 Agenda del Mondo”, “Tg3 Mondo” and “Tg3 People” programs. For Rai Isoradio, from 2014 to 2017 he conceived and conducted the programs “Comics with wheels” and “The night, a video game? “.
He is the curator, together with Vincenzo Mollica, of the exhibition “Spider-Man, the most human of super-heroes” at the Museo del Vittoriano in Rome; of the exhibition at Palazzo Bufalini, in Città di Castello, “Batman, Darkness and Light”; of the exhibition “Batman, 80 years of Technology” at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan and of the tifernate exhibition “Simone Bianchi: Amazing Talent” at Palazzo Vitelli.
Since 2007 he is a professor in the “Master in Journalistic Criticism for Theater, Cinema, Television and Music” of the National Academy of Dramatic Art “Silvio d’Amico”, for “Morphology and criticism of paraliterature (comics, videogames and cartoons).