Sergio Riccardi

Sergio Riccardi was born in Naples in 1981. After various experiences as a set designer for cinema and television, he decided to go back to drawing. He has worked in the field of 2D animation since 2009 filling the role of Animator (cut-out and tradigital), Character designer, Storyboard artist, Animation Supervisor, Director. He also deals with comics and illustration. With Assia Petricelli is the author of “Cattive ragazze, 15 storie di donne audaci e creative”, which won the Andersen 2014 award in the “best comic book” category. He also illustrated “Salvo e le mafie”, written by Riccardo Guido, that won the Premio Siani 2014 in the ‘comics’ section. Both books are published by Sinnos Editrice.
He has worked for Tunuè, La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, Edizioni Becco giallo, Jacobin Magazine Italy, Coniglio publisher, Cisco, Pearson, La scuola editrice, Immedia editrice, Melazeta, Vallaround,