Simone Passacantilli

Simone Passacantilli is a freelance art director and VFX supervisor.
He graduated with honors in Graphic Design and Multimedia Design in 2009. During his university studies, he attended in parallel evening courses at the Roberto Rossellini State Institute for Cinematography and Television, obtaining the qualification of Audiovisual Operator. In 2010 he obtained a Level I master’s degree in 3D Maya Animation and Compositing at the University of Rome La Sapienza.
In 2011 he taught as a tutor in the same master’s program and began collaborating with
Mizar, a company involved in creating museum exhibitions and video installations using video-mapping techniques. His experience in Mizar allowed him to work on scientific and cultural popularization projects such as Viaggio nei Fori, curated by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano, leading as supervisor the graphic animation team.
In recent years, he has worked as a freelancer on film and television productions such as movies, National Geographic documentaries, Super Quark, Ulysses, Wonders, and Sky television series.