Stefano Cipolla

Stefano Cipolla is an Italian art director, graphic designer and journalist.

He always worked in the editorial field: in the 90’s he started collaborating with magazines as a freelance and in 2001 he lands at the daily “Il Manifesto”, a newspaper with an important graphic design tradition.

There, in the year of the terrorist attacks at New York’s twin towers and of the Genova G8, he realises that news and their visualization will become his professional future.
In 2004 he arrives at the daily newspaper “La Repubblica”, being in charge of designing sections and special projects of the paper (La Domenica di Repubblica, R2, libri di Repubblica) and two graphic restylings (2007 and 2014).

From February 2018 he’s the Art Director of the weekly “L’Espresso”.

He teaches Editorial Graphic Desgin, Infographic and History of Communication Design. He taught for 15 years at the roman Istituto Europeo di Design.
Now he is at the Scuola di Giornalismo di Urbino, MiMaster in Milano and he holds conferences and workshops.
He is also a Domestika teacher and his course “Foundamentals of Editorial Graphic Desgin for Magazines” is online since May 2022.

His job is his passion: he believes working with images is the greatest luck you can have, and that is what he tries to convey to his students.