Stefano Dominici

He started his career as a graphics designer in 1988. His career initially revolved  around graphic design and publishing projects development and, starting from 1998,  web related activities.
In 2004 he establishes UtLab aka Usertestlab, now called UtLab, the company that helps other organizations understand the choices, behavior and ways the clients get in contact with them and assists these companies in implementing human-centered design processes.

Stefano is a university professor at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and IULM (University Institute of Modern Languages) and a conference speaker at the Italian Summit on Architecture and Information, World Usability Day and other conferences in Italy. Furthermore, he is a founder of UXUniversity, specializing in professional training, and of a publishing firm UXU Edizioni.

He is also member of the Italian Association for Design and Visual Communication (AIAP).

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