Stefano Mirabella

Lecturer of the module Composition in the photographic image in the RUFA x Leica Akademie advanced training course: Immagine fotografica per il cinema e i nuovi media.

Stefano Mirabella was born and has lived in Rome since 1973. In 2003, he took his first steps in the world of photography by attending several courses at the best schools in Rome. Immediately afterwards, he began a personal photographic journey, which saw him engaged in social reportage, numerous photographic trips abroad: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, India, Syria and the occupied Palestinian territories. These experiences give rise to a number of personal exhibitions and various publications.

His passion for photography led him to take up teaching. He has been practising Street Photography since 2012. He immediately joined the Italian collective Spontanea. He experiences street photography as an opportunity to be among people and rediscover his city.
He prefers the kind of photography that is poised between the desire to represent reality and the desire to transcend it. He deeply loves the genre and tries to share it through teaching; he is a lecturer at Officine Fotografiche. Winner of the Leica Talent 2014, he is a lecturer at the prestigious Leica Akademie.
In 2021, he curated the exhibition “Caio Mario Garrubba – FREELANCE ON THE ROAD” for the Istituto Luce.

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