Docente Stefano Viali

Stefano Viali

Stefano Viali, made his debut in theater as a director and actor in 1982 with the show “Omaggio a Petrolini”. (Selected by critics among Italian novelties 81/82). He has studied with Paolo Panelli and has partecipated in several films and television productions, both in Italy and abroad. David di Donatello 2005 and Special Mention at Nastri d’Argento for his first shortmovie: “Lotta Libera”. In 2006, he directed the docufiction “The Hidden Gendercide” and the shortmovie “Forme” (Special Mention at Nastri d’Argento). In the following years he directed the shortmovie “A nurse named Laura”, the docufiction “History of a shipwreck – Singing for Migrants”. In 2015 he directed the shortmovie: “Public Obscenity”. In 2017 he produced and directed with Francesca Pirani “Beo” a documentary, selected and awarded in several international festivals. In 2018 he directed the short “Showdown”. In 2020 directed “Kaleydoskop” an experimental film, obtaining awards in international festivals.