Vincenzo Caruso

Costume and fashion designer, he now lives and works and in Rome. He has been cultivating his passion for costumes and fashion for twenty-five years. He is a pupil of the master Gaetano Castelli and graduated in Set Design from the Fine Arts Academy in Rome, and in Fashion and Costume Design from the Koefia Academy of High Fashion and Costume Design in Rome.
He started to work in the world of entertainment aged sixteen, at the Biondo Repertory Theatre in Palermo. After this debut in the theatre, he moved on to the worlds of cinema and fashion, working in Italy and abroad, where he created set designs, costumes and garment and accessory collections. He also worked on the set designs and costumes for various theatrical productions, working with directors such as Maurizio Scaparro, Franco Zeffirelli, Ilaria Drago, Pino Ferrara, Roberto Gandini, Sharoo Kharadmand, and many more moving from drama to opera, from ballet and dancing to the cinema. He has created fashion and accessory collections for his own line called Atelier Baalbek, but also collaborates with many fashion houses, such as Valentino, D&G, Christofer Chronis, etc.. He has also worked for companies, such as “Mazzini Eventi”, organising fashion shows for the designers Brioni, Corneliani, Furstenberg, Gai Mattiolo etc.. He has also been invited to sit on juries for fashion competitions in Italy and abroad. Today he works primarily in producing art creations and installations for costumes and high fashion garments.
He currently teaches “Costumes for Performing Arts” at RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, at the Fine Arts Academy, where he has published a study on costumes for performing arts called “La Magia del Costume” (Magical Costumes). He organises art and cultural events on fashion and costumes, has held a number of meetings and conferences on costumes for performing arts, also working with Gabriella Pescucci, Lina Nerli Taviani, Giancarlo Nanni, Ilaria Drago etc.. He is an eclectic professional and artist who has always found himself at ease in the magical world of fashion and costumes.