Easy and effective! Camping edition


We all know how to read words, nobody knows how to read minds.
Writing down what I think is scary, it means making it public, visible, ready for the judgement of others. What you write remains there, imprinted, it is a declaration from which you cannot escape; hiding it among your thoughts instead, allows you to remember each time in a new way, to ‘dust’ when you want and to ‘disappear’ when you are not able to manage.
I got lost among the structures of a thousand Camillas unable to come to terms with their past and their history, actually because this ‘story’ I have never told, or rather, I have never told myself.

The latest series of my installations called Easy and Effective! (2019-2020) almost seems to propose a conclusion to this quest: a parallel universe where we are able to erase what we want from our memory, thus possessing control over time, over the effects of our decisions, and over mistakes.

In a way, it becomes almost useless to make a choice during our lives because if we make a ‘mistake’, we have the opportunity to implement a ‘cache’ cleaning, freeing us from the fear of the future, the past and the opinions of others.