Ab Aeterno, artefatti corrotti

Exhibition of Multimedia Arts & Design of the artists Mattia Alongi, Adriana Aneiva Guerra, Daniel Arno, Simone Bellucci, Jacopo Bianchi, Martina Carbone, Rosa D’Alessio, Francesca Dolgetta, Davide Galofaro, Pasquale Russo, Giulia Vietti.
Curated by
Francesca Gollo. RUFA Space, 4-9 May 2022.

The installation “Ab Aeterno. Artefatti coretti” – created by the students of the second year of Multimedia Arts & Design – reinterprets and exhibits, through a particular action of composition and decomposition, the collection of the National Roman Museum, which is characterized not only by its breadth and variety, but also for being a testimony of our civilization.

A stratified collection that tells the story of the history of the Urbe territory both in the works and in the locations. The common element of the four locations does not lie so much in the objects themselves, but in the narrative fragments that these objects hold. Each work, each stone in the museum, in its incompleteness, constitutes a small piece of a larger mosaic, the history of Rome, from its origins to practically the present day.

With the intention of communicating the strong unitary and identity character of this collection, which is divided into four locations, a single narrative is presented that winds its way through the exhibition space. The visitor enters a ‘place’, the collection space, where new common scenarios are created by juxtaposing and superimposing different contents.

The exhibition project is the first event to take place as part of the framework agreement between the two-year Multimedia Arts & Design course at RUFA and the National Roman Museum.


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AB AETERNO, artefatti corrotti
from 04.05.2022 to 09.05.2022
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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  • RUFA Culture

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  • Multimedia Arts and Design