Cadde, risorse e giacque …

Is it the artist or is it the viewers who define the work? Is an interaction between artist and spectator really possible? Do we all speak the same language or is it not rather true that each one practices his own idiolect that makes communication, even between author and viewer, always impossible? What role do stumbling blocks and mistakes play in art? These are some of the questions around which revolves the action of Alessandro Martina, a young artist who evokes the performative radicality of Artaud.

The work consists of a complex ramification of actions and images. The artist starts from a palette of colors extrapolated from the works of some masters of the twentieth century and then redefines it on a table setting. The viewer, using some materials placed on the table, and interacting with the artist, will become part of the work by defining the importance of the artistic gesture. [Simone Cametti] .

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