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Comics San with Sara Garagnani

All RUFA students with a passion for comics are invited on Friday 10 June at 6 p.m. in Room 10 at the Pastificio Cerere to the presentation of the book MOR, Storia per le mie madri, edited by illustrator and Art Director Sara Garagnani and published by addeditore. This is the third appointment of the cycle Comics San – comics and surroundings in San Lorenzo, a project born from the collaboration between RUFA and GIUFÀ, curated by lecturers Claudio Spuri and Gino Iacobelli.

MOR – A story for my mothers

Mor is a family fresco that unfolds through the history of four generations of women, between Sweden and Italy.

As the events unfold, the author recounts how unprocessed traumas can be transmitted from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, like a witness that passes from hand to hand. Psychological and sometimes physical violence spreads, generating depression, addictions, obsessions, blackmail, secrets… even generations apart. In the Swedish language ‘mor’ means mother, ‘mormor’ (mother’s mother) grandmother and so on: the word itself suggests recursiveness.
Sara Garagnani recounts this inheritance by tracing the history of her family, from her grandmother Inger to her mother Annette up to herself, in a cycle of emancipation and relapse sketched with lucidity but also with sincere affection.

With constant visual inventiveness, punctual and never cold, the author gives us a tale that is at once analytical and intimate, reflective and passionate, sweet and bitter. A story that allows us to look at family wounds in a new light, and with a different lens: Mor is not a story ‘of my mothers’ but ‘for my mothers’.
Mor is a declaration of love and a gesture of reconciliation, a decisive choice to break a line of pain and violence, because ‘what we suffer, and what we do not process, we will inflict, or at the limit, we will indulge’.

“But how is it possible that my mother still protects Grandma Inger? Outside the crisis peaks, she seemed happy. Maybe it was a facade for herself.The idea of not being loved by parents is unbearable. As children we cannot escape them, let alone be able to expose them.
Is it fear that abused children feel when faced with their true face? As they grow up, they lose touch with the children they were.”

From the afterword by Maura Gancitano.


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