Contiene tracce di burro

Contiene tracce di Burro

Visual Arts Exhibition by artist Nonno Burro, curated by Clarissa Secco and Emiliano Coletta.

22 – 24 February at RUFA Space, Pastificio Cerere.

With ‘Contains traces of Butter’, artist Nonno Burro presents a collection of paintings dedicated to life inside and outside the Bar Miracoli, an imaginary and nostalgic place belonging to an aesthetic and society quite different from today.
Backdrops of glass bottoms, chairs occupied for a long time, never so little, favourite songs played once again, a feast of colours and their wearers.
‘Contains traces of butter’ finds its balance between a statement and a participatory exhortation.
When Bar Miracoli opens its doors, assuming it has them, one is plunged inside a venue willing to defend the wishes of its customers.
The chequered floor becomes a support for toasts accompanied by play, brawls, old loves rediscovered and new loves improvised; it becomes a reference for a dimension where secrets and truths have the same principle, murders and kisses the same value, taboos and ordinary gestures have no distinction.

Where everything is allowed, nothing needs an explanation, forgiveness or an extra glance.

Leaving and moving to other places, when the Bar Miracoli closes its doors, assuming it does so, the characters are catapulted into a sudden everydayness that is sometimes surprisingly common, but no less mysterious or conspicuous.
Families get familiar, drinkers drink with chatterers, candles are blown out and parties are celebrated.

The artist

“Under the admiration of an aesthetic forgotten in my grandmother’s bedside table, where the moon is a ball and the sky a billiard table, my research attempts to tell the story of society in Italian-style randomness and naivety, factors that express my personality always in relation to the time I am living in and the unceasing liberation from something that I may never have clear”.

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from 20.02.2023 to 24.02.2023

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