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Geografia del cambiamento

Photo exhibition by artist Emanuela Pantaleo.
From 12 to 16 June 2023, at the RUFA Space – Pastificio Cerere, via degli Ausoni 7.

The exhibition was realised as part of RUFAlumni, a project that offers former RUFA students the opportunity to present their work to the public using the Academy’s spaces.

“Geografia del cambiamento” (‘Geography of change’) was born from the desire to explore the alterations and contradictions that mark the urban landscape of Rome, through a departure from the classical vision of the Urbe and questioning the experience of what is already known to us through collective memory.

The visual investigation focuses on the nature system and the process of anthropisation, which, although antipodal, coexist and are inseparable from each other. To understand the future development of a territory, therefore, the two organisms must be studied in relation to each other.
The work presents a degraded and mostly out-of-control vegetation, which insinuates itself into every disused corner, wrapping itself around the elements of progress and shaping urban space where human care has failed.
The exhibition simulates a walk through the streets of Rome, placing the viewer in front of dynamics and scenarios that can be encountered in everyday life, but which are not dwelt on.

“With my images I want to accompany the viewer to marginal spaces, in a setting full of absences and with obstacles to stumble against”.


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from 12.06.2023 to 16.06.2023
Via degli Ausoni 7

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  • RUFA Culture

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  • Photography and Audiovisual