9-10-11 June 2023 – Via Guido Reni 4a, Spazio Corner MAXXI, Rome.

A mosaic of projects developed in the various disciplines of the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at the Rome University of Fine Arts, a snapshot of the activities of the three-year period, an open and participatory workshop, a space for debate and cultural promotion: GRAPHIIIC intends to be a welcoming exhibition and promoter of responsible and collaborative design.
In a large multi-purpose hall, the dynamics of signs and their meanings will create a culturally lively atmosphere, in continuous dialogue with the tradition of graphic design culture in Italy.
The didactics of visual communication cannot in fact disregard its relational nature, which finds concreteness in the exchange between teachers and students, between the Academy, the cultural industry, associations and productive realities of the territory. Where the centrality of the social and civil responsibility of every graphic designer is reaffirmed, the community with its physical and immaterial places and education as a collective enhancement represent indispensable possibilities to respond in a motivated and effective manner to the stimuli of contemporary complexity.

Three days of meetings, workshops and Talks with industry professionals. Discover the programme full of events!


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Friday 9 June

2 p.m.❯ Experience: ‘FPIFCDL’

Participants will try their hand at designing a typeface on a modular basis using a grid on which to design the letters of the word GRAPHIC. In a first phase, the process will take place in a completely analogue manner to guarantee greater creative freedom and allow anyone to work without constraints related to the ability to use software. In a second phase, we will move on to the digitisation phase to produce an animation showing the results of the experience.
Curated by Francesco Paolo Incantalupo, Fabrizio Crollari, Davide Luccini.

2 p.m. ❯ Experience: ‘CORPO-GRAFIE’

As part of the subject Theory and Methodology of Mass Media, students in the 3rd year of Graphic Design experiment with the transmission of the graphic vocabulary through the language of performance. From sign, to image, to body – the medium of the relationship between visual and media culture – the experience explores the field of creative practices generated and regenerated by the intersection between communication and artistic process.
Curated by Caterina Di Rienzo.

5 p.m. ❯ Talk: ‘Dangerous Relationships: The Relationship between Art Directors and Illustrators’

A brief introduction to the world of images in magazines – photographs, illustrations and infographics – and then a focus on editorial illustration. What is the boundary between art and commission? And how do art directors and illustrators interact? Through their experiences Stefano Cipolla and Antonio Pronostico tell the secrets of two professions that complement each other.
Curated by Stefano Cipolla and Antonio Pronostico.

Saturday 10 June


Each participant will experience the steps of typesetting with modular friezes, manual inking and movable type printing. Modular friezes became most popular in the 1930s, representing a bold alternative for typographers seeking to innovate visual languages. Today they are mainly used for educational purposes, to design alphabets that make modularity a strong expressive medium.
Curated by Slab.


We will develop a series of alphabets made with different tools and techniques, initially more classical up to improvised writing instruments, with the intention of maintaining the focus on the consistency of the stroke and the management of the final layout. We will understand together how the tool determines the stroke and thus the entire ductus of the letters, going to train extemporaneous and manual design. We will start with an initial theoretical part to introduce the letters and weight management, then we will move on to the practical part to produce at least one final poster at the end of the course.
Curated by Fuori Studio.

5 p.m. ❯ Meeting: ‘Italian Modernist Alphabets’

Between 1930 and 1945, the modernist aesthetic imposed itself as the new visual code in Italian art, architecture and design. Today, almost a century later, we are committed to tracing Italy on the hunt for samples, wood or lead typefaces and vintage prints to build a fascinating catalogue that does justice to the works of often unknown designers alongside a digital revival operation that makes this extraordinary Italian craft heritage available to contemporary designers.
Curated by Anonima Impressori.

Sunday 11 June

11 a.m. ❯ Experience: ‘LIGHT-PAINTING & SLOW-SINK’

The technical lighting combination of Light-Painting and slow-sinking is a rather usual practice in photographic research and experimentation, due to the very nature of the process, it allows for suggestive effects and results for which a completely controlled outcome cannot be guaranteed. The participants, following a demonstration of the shooting, will be involved in the activity, each making their own work.
Curated by Stefano Compagnucci.

11 a.m. ❯ Experience: ‘UNIVERSAL BESTIARY’

A manual linoleum printing workshop in which participants will experiment with the technique thanks to animal engravings made by the students.
Each individual animal divided into 3 parts can be combined with others to create multiple hybrid creatures with the possibility of printing on different papers. With the support of the students, participants will be guided to create and print their own composition.
Curated by Francesco Fidani.

2 p.m. ❯ Meeting: ‘From research to reuse’

The approach of the Fake Clandestine Books project will be shown: from the search for paper material destined for the rubbish bin (and its reuse), to the working method, based on self-production, showing photographs and behind-the-scenes videos.
Curated by Libri finti clandestini.

2 p.m. ❯ Meeting: ‘The rebel kiosk for lovers of good paper’

How did Edicola 518 come about, an avant-garde publishing project that thinks about paper in an innovative way from production to distribution? Starting with a specific case, we will discuss what the current panorama of Italian publishing is in the international context.
Curated by Edicola 518.

RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts
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from 09.06.2023 to 11.06.2023
Via Guido Reni 4a, Spazi0 Corner MAXXI, Roma

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