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Hacking Urbanism

With the start of the new academic year, the season of the talks starts again at RUFA. This is a particularly eagerly awaited formative moment for students, which makes it possible to generate a debate between the current protagonists of the creative industry and those who, in the wake of training and learning, are preparing to enter this world. The first appointment is scheduled for 24 November at 10.00, in the Aula Magna (online). The “Hacking Urbanism” talk is curated by Meltem Eti Proto and will feature, among others, the exceptional presence of Enrique Espinosa Pérez.

The Hacking Urbanism talk

The talk is divided into two parts. In a first part we present the history of Spanish hacking urbanism (1996-2016), through the works of Santiago Cirugeda, Zuloark, Hackitectura and Basurama. In the second part, the guest speaker will talk about his professional practice with the Collectives PKMN and Eeestudio, presenting his design processes in different art projects and urban infrastructures connected with this idea of hacker urbanism.

The talk is dedicated to all students of the Academy, but particularly recommended for those following Design programs. The aim is to open up a reflection on the cities of the future and especially on the canons that will characterise them.

Enrique Espinosa Pérez

ETSAM architect (Polytechnic University of Madrid), doctoral student at the Universidad de Alicante with the thesis “Co-Learning/Co-Doing Spaces”, Enrique Espinosa Pérez is associate professor, co-founder of “PKMN Architectures” and is currently director of Eeestudio. His work has been published worldwide, receiving in 2014 the special “Arquia Próxima” award.

Since 2016, he has carried out more than twenty projects with Eeestudio. He has been awarded within “Europan 15” and has developed the research projects and curatorship of: “A Fine Line” (Euskadi Biennial 2017), “Sampling Contexts” (Argument 01. ETSAM) and “On Collaboration” (Madrid City Council). He was “guest editor” of issue 375 of the “Revista Arquitectura COAM” and received the premiums for educational innovation by project (2018) and by innovation group (2019).

Enrique Espinosa Pérez’s strength is clear and immediate: he researches and experiments everything that revolves around city-oriented design, in the relationship object-space-identity. The concept of augmented urbanism is at the heart of the discussion with students, and should be understood as part of a deeper social change in which the diversity of urban lifestyles is at stake.


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