Human to Human

Brands changing_________________with people

Visual Innovation Design Exhibition.
Authors: Ludovica Agosti, Martina Amatori, Domenico Barrasso, Letizia Bartolacci, Lorenzo Bernardi, Agostino Bernardo, Ilaria Bongianni, Simona Brancato, Lidia Calò, Laura Carmosino, Cavallo Anna Rita, Marco Maria Corcione, Giulia Crastolla, Giorgia D’Alessandro, Sabrina D’Amicis, Vittorio Pio D’Angelo, Elena Di Biase, Vincenzo Di Gioia, Jessica Discepoli, Marcello Francesco Famigliulo, Claudia Ferrari, Ludovica Fionda, Anna Giovinazzi, Gaia Formigari, Giorgiana Mihaela Bejan, Claudia Guagnano, Francesco Paolo Incantalupo, Alice Lavalle, Federico Mauti, Francesca Mazzù, Matilde Mion, Josif Jawad, Caroline Vikanes Moschin, Adriana Pagano, Domenico Piro, Matteo Proietti, Giada Reggiani Bianca Ricci, Angela Rizzo, Carla Rotelli, Federica Saccone, Claudia Santurbano, Serena Tobaldo, Alessia Tomassi, Desiree Trimboli, Nicolò Troccoli, Noemi Viceconti, Beatrice Vio-Genova.

Curated by Giorgia D’Alessandro, Francesco Paolo Incantalupo, Serena Tobaldo.
Exhibition coordinated by Agnese Angelini, Stefano Dominici, Lorenzo Iervolino.

Opening: Wednesday, November 30 at 5 p.m.
On display through Friday, Dec. 2, 2022 in Room 10 – Via degli Ausoni 7.


Human to Human. Brands changing __________ with people is the exhibition organized by students of the Master of arts programme in Visual Innovation Design.
Human to Human is their personal journey into the Human Brand design methodology and Human Centered approach. The exhibition presents 16 visual identity projects on a number of dance festivals in Italy such as Il Festival di Torino Danza, Festival Oriente e Occidente in Rovereto, and Biennale di Danza in Venice; and 6 storyboards of usability of products and services in which the focus of the design approach is on people, their needs, their wants.
Today branding is changing, and those involved in brand identity are moving toward a more conscious brand, where the perception of brand value is not only what you do, but also who you are, what your worldview is, and what contribution you are able to make.

Visual identities

The 16 student-designed projects were created with the aim of reconnecting people and placing them at the center of the branding process with a more human, and therefore Human, approach, communicating new visions and values in dance. Some working groups gave design centrality to the study on Archetypes. In general, they were free and free to reinterpret the identity of the chosen festival, applying the Human touch.

Human touch means placing people, their feelings and values at the forefront of the design process, creating a strong emotional connection. Because human beings need to evolve, dream and find revolutionary solutions. A method according to which the future of branding is therefore to act on the basis of emotional data, diversity, inclusiveness, and listening.


Involving people in the design of products and services-to make them truly useful and effective-is the key element of the Human Centered approach. And involvement affects everyone: those who offer those products and services, those who manage them, and those who use them. The storyboards tell about 6 projects developed in the academic year 2021/2022, 6 projects with the needs of people, their emotions and needs at the center.
All the proposed projects take visitors on a unique journey to discover this new vision of branding and visual communication.

Designers and projects

BALLA. BRUCIA. RISORGI by Francesco Incantalupo, Matilde Mion, Claudia Santurbano.

In rethinking the Brand Identity of the Torino Danza Festival, we were inspired by the maverick archetype and its rebellious nature. This approach prompted us to want to provoke the viewer through graphics that step outside the classical canons of dance.
Bright colors, bold lines and strong contrasts form a synergistic visual system that pushes people to go beyond their comfort zone. The photos, with a human touch attitude, highlight the passion behind this discipline, focusing on feelings and emotions rather than just physicality. In this way we were able to send a powerful message: have the courage to lose yourself in order to find yourself, thus discovering yourself and others, creating together a future without boundaries.

SEI TU SIAMO NOI by Josif Jawad, Alessia Tomassi, Desirée Trimboli.

The project was born from a re-branding of the current contemporary dance festival held in Rovereto. Our goal was to define the identity characteristics of the festival as being those of a human being who, with a strong and clear voice, wants to bring to the world of dance a message of inclusion, respect for others, and recognition of the beauty of the movement of every body, even in its imperfections.
Following the principles of Archetypal branding, our festival embodies the values that correspond to the communitarian archetype with creator overtones found in the visual system. East West is about celebration, dialogue, the desire for growth and change, the desire to nurture empathy and imagination.

MOVE YOUR HEART, MOVE YOUR BODY, MOVE YOUR SOUL by Serena Tobaldo, Angela Rizzo, Bianca Ricci.

OrienteOccidente, according to the principles of Archetypal branding, is a creator, a spirit free from the constraints of rationality. Inclusivity, freedom and creativity, the guiding keywords for designing an essential and intuitive design system.
For us, East-West is a creative place, which allows dancing by drawing infinite imaginaries through the union of dots. A constellation, many people holding hands, a visual/imaginary path that evokes the Silk Road in the act of crossing Rovereto and that, since time immemorial, connects the East with the West.

TURN PASSION INTO MAGIC by Ludovica Agosti, Elena Di Biase, Jessica Discepoli.

The archetype of the magician, which is the basis of our design, completely transforms and revolutionizes the visual identity of the Torino Danza Festival. Connection, passion and energy are placed at the center of our design and our way of communicating to people, expressing themselves with bright lines that envelop dancers, electric colors and human images.
The union of all these elements creates a synergy that involves not only our archetype but also the city of Turin, esoteric and magical par excellence, at the center of energetic lines that catalyze the flow of events. In dance, the festival wants to position itself in the same way: a point of interconnection between the arts, disciplines and contemporary creativity.

DOVE TUTTO È POSSIBILE by Martina Amatori, Letizia Bartolacci, Ludovica Fionda.

Turin dance gives life to a new reality, capable of transporting us elsewhere, where everything is possible. It wants to revolutionize, but at the same time unite past, present and future, like a taut thread that intertwines and involves us. The festival expresses itself and its vision authentically: creativity, uniqueness and innovation are the values to build a space without barriers.
All this takes the form of a line, highlighting the connection between the ways of thinking, ideas, individuality and originality that make the festival an opportunity to express one’s point of view.

IMPROVE YOUR AMBITION by Simona Brancato, Vincenzo Di Gioia, Anna Giovanazzi.

Attending a dance performance and observing its peculiar characteristics unintentionally leads each of us not to think about the work and efforts that characterize each performance, but rather to dwell on those very brief and engaging moments that represent it. The goal of our communication is, therefore, to enhance a transient and temporary aspect such as the behind-the-scenes of a dance performance, emphasizing its main perspectives, such as passion and difficulty.
This is the essence of dance.

LIBERTÀ IN MOVIMENTO by Giorgia D’Alessandro, Giorgiana Bejan, Carla Rotelli, Francesca Mazzù.

The concept of the project stems from the identification of the Torino Danza Festival, according to the principles of Archetypal Branding, in the archetype of the explorer, characterized by the desire to know and overcome one’s limits and the constant search for freedom.
By combining these values with the dimension of dance, the identity of the festival evolves metaphorically and graphically along with the desire to escape and discover new horizons. Thanks to a communication focused on the concept of freedom, contact and confrontation become a vehicle of expression for bodies, in diversity and passion, expressing the need to know and recognize each other in a journey of discovery made of emotions.

START MOVING DIFFERENT by Lidia Calò e Claudia Ferrari.

Oriente Occidente is not just a festival, but a journey, an introspective and exploratory path in which one can learn to carefully observe the territory, study its peculiarities and learn about its resources. Hence the idea of having as a reference point the energy and dynamism of some works of art.
Fortunato Depero in his artistic journey was able to touch and unite the most diverse fields, moving from painting to fashion, from design to cinema. The festival, then, is this: a path, an evolution, a journey that begins in the East and culminates in the West.
East West is the point of union between cultures, traditions, tastes and scents. All this is expressed with forms, typography, sounds and colors, elements that coexist and come together to give birth to a new identity that preserves the deep connection with the host city.

AMA CON IL CORPO, LIBERA IL MOVIMENTO by Laura Carmosino, Alice Lavalle, Noemi Viceconti.

To design the festival’s new visual identity, we were inspired by the archetype of the creator who has a free and expressive soul. These characteristics are carried over into what is our graphic identity, going for expressive and colorful forms that can convey the values of the archetype.
The system is structured on the basis of forms that are broken down to give new meaning: a rebirth free from the patterns imposed by others, to create our own. The choice of photographic language reflects the desire to put the human figure at the center to give importance to one’s freedom of expression.
East West stimulates self-discovery, through dance, to rise above all forms of judgment.

FUSION OF LOOKS by Giulia Crastolla, Giada Reggiani, Luigi Cirelli.

In redesigning the visual identity of the Oriente Occidente festival in Rovereto, we were guided by the archetype of the explorer: independent, dynamic, freely expressing his or her strength and unafraid to push their limits.
To represent the free soul of the explorer, we chose to use Jordan Matter’s photographs, which highlight the individuality of dancers in an urban context, where everyone can express themselves. The graphic system consists of the use of imposing letters that support the dancers’ figures as if they were following their movement, just as the festival supports their professional and personal growth.

REALIZZARE LA VITA PIENA E VERA by Marcello Francesco Famigliulo.

Beauty, diversity and freedom are the values in which the East West Festival believes most. Stories told through dance that allow us to cross the boundaries of ethnicity, language, gender, culture, North and South, West and East to broaden our horizons.
Each of us experiences our own emotions, memories, wounds, and what we all need is to listen, and be heard. East West is for those who want to live and share, to understand that diversity is only an added value.

IL DIALOGO APERTO FRA CULTURE by Gaia Formigari, Claudia Guagnano, Federica Saccone.

Strong, brave, determined: the maverick is a fearless archetype who is not afraid to make himself heard. To represent him, we chose bright colors and vivid hues that engage the audience like an adrenaline jolt.
The photographic choice represents eccentric personalities, the disruptiveness of bodies, and the expressive capabilities of dance as a universal language, a catharsis through which to open up to diversity. The font is bold and stands out against the colorful backgrounds with bold color contrasts. The quotation marks in the logo represent the opening of a dialogue that occurs through the OrienteOccidente festival, which encourages every spectator and dancer to make their voices heard.

TRACCIA IL TUO PERCORSO by Ilaria Bongianni, Marco Maria Corcione, Vittorio Pio d’Angelo.

To design the new visual identity of the East-West Festival, we were inspired by the archetype of the explorer. We succeeded in representing its values (such as the will to overcome boundaries and chart one’s own path) by using graphics with strong color contrasts, abstract textures that give a sense of dynamism, unconventional typography, and a choice of photos that express the movement of the dancers’ bodies, their strength and independence.

DRAW YOUR PATH by Caroline Moschin, Adriana Pagano, Mateo Proietti.

Every human being is the architect of their own path. In each of its gestures resides a sign that is unique and inimitable. Each essence shouts its sensitivities, communicates its diversity and whispers its most intimate movements.
The identity of the East West Festival is thus translated through signs that arise from the authentic movement of the dancers during the performance. In each trace are concealed the emotions, expressions and frailties of people. So in the Oriente Occidente Festival, dancing means communicating, communicating means expressing oneself and expressing oneself means existing. To dance means to live.

SHOW YOUR FLOW; SHARE A STORY by Sabrina D. Amicis, Domenico Piro, Agostino Bernardo.

Underlying our project are inclusion, union and dialogue, values intrinsic to the communitarian archetype. Therefore, the intention was to create an experience free of all barriers, valuing everyone’s freedom and uniqueness in order to build a heterogeneous reality that allows us to find, in diversity, equality.
The identity designed for the festival reflects these values in every form. The colors are warm, the shapes are soft, welcoming, expanding and tightening as in an embrace, intersecting, joining in an incessant and universal dance.

BIENDANZALE by Domenico Barrasso, Lorenzo Bernardi, Anna Rita Cavallo.

Bringing radical change to Venice within a traditionalist culture. To juxtapose the institutionality of the event with the unusual, the eccentric, showing the independent and disruptive power of dance. Wanting to abandon conventions and the representation of perfect bodies, offering dance that is truly inclusive.
This is how the new identity of the Dance Biennale is transformed into Biendanzale, a new and unconventional festival. We opted for a radical change by proposing new ideas and a dialogue through which to channel the most diverse personalities: a team made up of people who are different from each other, yet exalt their individuality.
Our Biendanzale is an alternative proposal, a project to grow and be enriched within.

ABITA IL MONDO by Federico Mauti, Nicolò Troccoli, Beatrice Vio-Genova.

The archetype of the Oriente Occidente festival is the explorer: a soul that wants to fulfill the need to be authentic, constantly searching for itself in the places it travels.
Oriente Occidente brings human interiority into the spotlight.
It is thus a trail of light, a metaphor for self-discovery, that reveals the identity of each individual, becoming a pivotal element of all visual communication. The goal is to lead the viewer to explore what he or she does not yet know, whether it is visible on the surface or hidden in the innermost recesses of one’s self. Abandon rules, forms and canons, and let discovery illuminate your being.

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from 28.11.2022 to 02.12.2022
Via degli Ausoni 7

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