Metaverso, identità e digital fashion

The experience of the metaverse and the fascinating world of digital fashion: meet on Wednesday 11 May for the new RUFA Talk.

“Metaverse, identity and digital fashion” intends to recount the relationship between fashion, digital technology and the construction of a personal and collective identity.
The curator Fabio Laudicina, founder of the digital fashion brand Fabeeo Breen FBRN, will speak together with the lecturer in Media and visual culture Renato Fontana to explore the experience of meta-verses, characterised by the construction of virtual identities with their own personalities, thanks also to the adoption of clothes and accessories designed specifically for these worlds.

We have looked at the evolution of digital fashion between gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality, at NFT and the economic system linked to it, or how to build a career and make a living from creating these artefacts.


Fabio Laudicina

Fabio Laudicina is the founder of Fabeeo Breen FBRN, a virtual brand for metaverse and digital design studio, specialising in innovation and virtualisation of the fashion industry.
FBRN collections are wearable objects in virtual worlds and NFT collectable through the Web3.

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