note to self

Note to Self

On Saturday 20 May from 10 a.m., the exciting short film Note to Self, written and directed by Maria Gorgoglione, an RUFA graduate in Cinematic Art, will be screened at RUFA.
The screening will be followed by a short debate with the author and moderators Christian Angeli and Raffaele Simongini.

Saturday 20 May at 10:00 AM – RUFA Space, Pastificio Cerere, via degli Ausoni 7.


Note to Self

The short film describes a moment shared by any young adult, a story of the simultaneous coexistence between the inability to move and the impulse to create. What oppresses Teo is nothing more than an immaterial weight created by himself and which weighs down on him like a boulder, preventing him from moving and regaining control of himself. His inner fracture spills outwards, encompassing every space and every relationship with the human and with art.
Art (in this case, music), usually seen and used as a means to emerge from a difficult situation, is in Note to Self as oppressed and blocked as much as its protagonist, forced into obsessive repetition of rambling actions. And it is thus that the short film does not so much want to invest the artistic medium with a saving power as it does communication, words, the importance of understanding oneself, of the externalization of fears and anxieties in order to give them a concreteness that allows us to manage them, express them and bond with others.

In this concept, which has become fundamental for me in shooting this short film and any other project, I would like to echo the words of one of my favourite directors, David Lynch: “It is essential to abandon depression because it kills creativity. The suffering artist is a romantic idea because suffering is not necessary. Understanding suffering is fundamental. So many people are depressed and cannot do their work. People need to be happy and energetic. The secret to transcending emotions is to make our work joyful”.


Teo lives in a house alone and desperately tries to compose a new melody on his piano, but the only sound that comes out is a single obsessive note. Oppressed by tedium and his own creative block, he has to come to terms with the irruption of the outside world, represented by the arrival of a girl named Letizia, and reconnect with his own inner world, a dark and blurred Presence that secretly observes him.


Note to Self was born on paper in 2019 from an outburst that became a story and that, before it was even finished, began to churn and demanded a visual part to complete it. After an excruciatingly long wait, thanks to the talent and generosity of the people who worked on it, this story took concrete form.


CAST: Federico Cesari, Giulia Sanna, Alessandro Marzullo
PRODUCED BY: Maria Gorgoglione e Valerio Chicca
PHOTOGRAPHY: Elena Sbrogiò
EDITING & GRAPHICS: Matteo Hrvatin
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Giorgia Melillo
SET DESIGN & COSTUMES: Emiliano Sisolfi, Demetra Lanciani, Maria Gorgoglione
DIRECT TAKEOVER: Giuliana Garofalo
SOUND EDITING: Michele Saldarella
MIX AUDIO: Leonardo Nerini

Event poster and graphics by: Matteo Hrvatin, Giulia Hrvatin.

Via degli Ausoni 7

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