Presentation of “Odissee”

The event has been cancelled, it will be rescheduled. Follow us on our digital channels to find out the new date.


“Odissee”, a one-of-a-kind artist book, will be held.
Production, marketing and creativity: a case of a totally integrated supply chain.

The meeting between the manufacturing company Tiburtini and the photographer Ottavio Celestino gives birth to the idea of ​​this new and fascinating editorial adventure, based on the collaboration of a large group of international artists, such as Gianni Dessi, Pietro Ruffo, Demosthenes Davvetas, Diego Mormorio, Catherine Leutenegger and Alessandro Valeri. Odissee is a “place” that pushes aesthetic visions forward and reinterprets the relationship between art and production, technique and creativity. Odyssey is the focus of a dream, and affirms that art is not only an object of contemplation, but also and above all a process of research and knowledge. An example of a supply chain of creativity that acts in an integrated, synergistic and harmonious way: the manufacturer, the curator, the artists, the communication and finally the participants in this meeting, you, the talents of future creativity.


Specialists in the production of luxury and high-end paper products, leaders in custom processing, finishing and prototyping. Recently “matter” has arrived: the company’s platform dedicated to future-proof and sustainable projects which takes its name from the quintessence of what is produced (the material); but also from the English What matters.

Some pictures of Odissee


Via degli Ausoni, 7

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