Printed Matters

Exhibition of the students of Photography: Guido Leon Salerno Aletta, Daniele Cimaglia and Giuseppe Odore, Armando Egidi, Carolina Iaccarino, Eleonora Marinanza, Mirko Pizzichini, Serena Radicioli, Andrea Santini, Noemi Sparago, Federica Troiani, Michael Trutta, Leonardo Daniel Valdivia Hurtado.
Curated by
Giorgio Di Noto.

14 – 17 June, RUFA Space, Via degli Ausoni 7.

Printed Matters is a group exhibition that brings together some of the most significant experiments from the “Printing Processes Techniques” course.

The analogue printing processes and ancient techniques are proposed as an expressive and creative tool to create works that dialogue in an unprecedented way with photographic images: the choice of materials, the use of different supports, the application of interventions and toning, are all elements that enter into a close relationship with the printed subject, creating unique works that go beyond the reproducibility and two-dimensionality with which we usually think of photography.

The authors thus re-interpret classic themes such as landscape, the body, abstraction and the archive, experimenting with different processes and confronting the visual characteristics of each.

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from 14.06.2022 to 17.06.2022
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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