Prospettive. Fotografare la Galleria Spada

Photography student exhibition: Lucia Amalia Estevez, Laura Filipponi, Lucia Notarantonio, Fabrizio Tedeschi, Lucrezia Ceselin, Davide Palombo, Miriam Galimberti, Michael Trutta, Veronica Malizia.
Curated by Adriana Capriotti e Giorgio Di Noto.

Opening: 1 February 2023 at 5:30 pm.

RUFA is pleased to present, in collaboration with Direction of the State Museums of the City of Rome and with Galleria Spada, the exhibition “Prospettive. Fotografare la Galleria Spada”, to be held from 1 to 27 February 2023 in the spaces of the illustrious Baroque collection in Piazza Capodiferro.

Born as part of a project on the photographic documentation of cultural heritage carried out with the ICCD in Rome, ‘Perspectives’ is an experiment that involved the RUFA third-year Photography and Audiovisual classes. Working both in the picture gallery and in the Secret Garden, where Borromini’s famous perspective is located, the students were not only able to document works and spaces, but were also able to develop a personal interpretation of a museum so rich in insights and details, devoting particular attention to the theme of the surfaces, materials and light. And of course perspectives. Marble, wood, canvases, carvings and gilding have thus become the subject of images, so much so that they almost convey a tactile dimension, a material layer added to the visual one.

The meeting with the Galleria Spada gave rise to a further stimulating development: that of realising an exhibition, made up of calibrated installations of images within the museum itinerary, establishing a dialogue between the photographs realised and the museum spaces. Through a game of cross-references and reflections, if on the one hand an attempt was made to ‘hide’ the photographs in the rooms between the baroque furnishings, on the other hand they were allowed to emerge through the contrast given by the media used, such as plexiglass and pvc.

The catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition, realised and coordinated by lecturer David Mozzetta, gathers not only the works on display, but also a wider selection of the photographs taken during the project at Galleria Spada. The works published in the catalogue were created by students Michele Baldi, Lucrezia Ceselin, Flavia Corsetti Antonini, Edoardo Di Benedetto, Ramona Di Pane, Giorgia Dramisino, Lucia Amalia Estevez, Laura Filipponi, Miriam Galimberti, Sara Galletta, Denise Gavriloaia, Veronica Malizia, Gabriele Mancini, Lucia Notarantonio, Eloisa Pacini, Davide Palombo, Grazia Beatrice Posteraro, Mario Quartapelle, Stefano Scala, Francesca Senatore, Noemi Sparago, Fabrizio Tedeschi, Michael Trutta, Leonardo Daniel Valdivia Hurtado, Nicole Zampino.

The collaboration between RUFA and the Direzione Musei Statali Roma and ICCD, respectively led by Mariastella Margozzi and Carlo Birrozzi, as well as with Galleria Spada directed by Adriana Capriotti, was implemented through a project led by lecturer Giorgio Di Noto.

The exhibition will be open until 27 February 2023, we look forward to seeing you!

from 01.02.2023 to 27.02.2023
Piazza Capo di Ferro, 13

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  • RUFA Culture

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  • Photography and Audiovisual