RUFA Contest Exhibition and Award Ceremony

The RUFA Contest resumed its course. After the forced interruption of the 2020 edition due to the strong impact of the health emergency on the entire creative industry, the desire to complete an important course for our Academy, under the banner of ingenuity and creative expression, returns.

The theme OH MY EARTH is intended to express a return to the origins.“We all have – explains Emanuele Cappelli, Artistic Director of the Contest – the same Mother: humans, animals, vegetables. We are living matter of a single ecosystem, the Earth, the supreme source of our evolution.
The history of mankind, its quest, has always been animated within this complete, organic, perfect system, but in its pivotal principle extremely simple. A system of which we are a gateway to the future. Nature, supreme inspiration for art and engineering, has made us desire its emulation and so, guided by our emotions and moods, we have reproduced forms, colours, films, written words, evoked sounds. But while the work or project seeks to replicate what already exists, it is an indispensable testimony that projects humans towards understanding and therefore, evolution. Academic training aims to provide a response to be an active part of the universal theme of Mother Earth. A response/project as powerful as an aurora borealis or as light as the beating of a butterfly’s wings.”


I progetti finalisti esposti:

– Riccardo Abate Riccardo, “Humanity”;
– Emma Brunelli “HÝBRIS”;
– Valeria Cappabianca, “Panacea”;
– Laura Capriglia, “TREEBUTE”;
– Martina Carbone “∑/X SUMMATION OVER X”;
– Maria Cavinato, “At all times of time”;
– Caterina Crescini, “The eternal return of forms”;
– Giulia Di Franco, “Cuma”;
– Pietro Falcone “Saudade”;
– Maria Elisabetta Gentile, “Mihrab”
– Martina Giuliani “Nature lays bare”;
– Marco Luzzi “HOME, Borderline relationship”
– Lidia Matarazzo, “Naturae matrix”;
– Giovanni Benedetto Matteucci, “Judith”;
– Francesco Saverio Pasquarelli, “Wildfire”;
– Francesco Piccolo, “VII”;
– Gianluca Ricco, “Monstrum”;
– Sofia Sotto Corona, “Bits of sky are the only certainty against these uncertain times”;
– Xiang Wang Yu “Fe + H2O2 → H2Fe + O2”;
– Annalisa Welzhofer “Grounding”.

RUFA artist, performer and student Emma Brunelli won the sixth edition of the RUFA Contest OH MY EARTH! with the project Hýbris, winning a scholarship of EUR 2,000.00.

The description of the winning work in the words of the artist:

“The perfect harmony of the golden section, on which all of nature is moulded, deconstructed by human pride.
Thus begins a desperate attempt to create a new, better, inevitably unstable world. An artificial microcosm unmanageable by its creator, requiring supports and reinforcements.”

The work is made of iron and wood, the dimensions are 300x150x300 cm.

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RUFA Award Ceremony
from 20.06.2022 to 24.06.2022
Via degli Ausoni, 7

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