“Touché – il gesto come materia”: the relationship between gesture and matter

“Touché – il gesto come materia”. This is the theme of the talk curated by the professor Francesca Gollo, carried out in collaboration with Studio Azzurro, which will take place on Wednesday 17 April, starting at 10.30 a.m. at RUFA Aula Magna in via Taro 14.
The meeting aims to investigate how the multimedia language intervenes and acts on design practices, highlighting the different disciplines and experiences. The talk is an open dialogue, introduced by Leonardo Sangiorgi of Studio Azzurro, which starts from his own design experiences, developed in thirty years of work, and then focuses on the matter that sensitive environments generate that is both immaterial and physical, random and real. The scenario is composed of images, sounds, objects, environments, but also gestures, in the awareness of thinking of a space “of being and acting” in which the relationship with time is modified.
The talk is open to all students, but it is particularly recommended for the biennial course of Multimedia arts and design and for the first and second level courses in Design and Cinema.

For reservations please refer to the secretary’s office before Tuesday, April 16.

via Taro, 14

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