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Opened in Milan in June 2010 in the form of a project room, Studiolo is a project that began as an ’emergent’ compendium of Cabinet’s non-profit programme and was later transformed into a full-fledged gallery in 2015..

Studiolo bases its statement on a perennial scouting process, renouncing the fixity of the traditional formula of the “stable of artists” but investing on being a more dynamic incubator, supporting a few, selected, young artistic personalities, often at their debut or at their first Italian exhibition; a free relationship but based on solid professional relationships, often long-term, that after the solo-shows are reactivated and renewed according to eventual opportunities or project requirements.
To date, more than forty exhibitions have been produced, including solo and group shows, residencies and special projects – both in the gallery and off-site – and around fifty artists have been involved, many of them subsequently involved in institutional projects or represented by prestigious galleries abroad.

Among the young artists involved to date: Henni Alftan, Amélie Bigard, Catherine Biocca, Adrian Bushmann, Federico Cantale, Guendalina Cerruti, Gianni Di Rosa, Julie Monot, Freya Douglas-Morris, Gaia Fugazza, Cecilia Granara, Charlotte Herzig, Melike Kara, Talisa Lallai, Lindsay Lawson, Alex Mackin Dolan, Mia Marfurt, Chaterine Parsonage, Jimmy Milani, Francesco Joao Scavarda, Yves Scherer, Lise Stoufflet, Henning Strassburger, Davide Stucchi, Tyra Tingleff, Niels Trannois, Amalia Ulman, Alina Vergnano, Alexander Wagner, Ilija Wyller, Isabel Yellin, Malte Zenses e molti altri.

Since Spring 2021, Studiolo has also activated a new cyclic and experimental project called Studiolo Lounge, dedicated to an open dialogue between expressions of contemporary and modern design and art; a project without gender differences that embraces all linguistic creativity, pushing the observer beyond the limits of time or utility. The first two chapters involved artists and designers – both active and historic – such as Atelier Biagetti, Antonia Campi, Draga&Aurel, Gino De Dominicis, Chanan de Lange, Cagnaccio di San Pietro, Achille Funi, Fausto Melotti, Gio Ponti, Gastone Rinaldi, Mario Schifano, Ettore Sottsass, Daniel Spoerri and Marco Zanuso.

From 10 to 21 January 2023, RUFA will host in its spaces at the Pastificio Cerere, a group-show promoted and curated by this Milanese space that, conceptually, will retrace some of the central stages of its exhibition path; on show will be seven artists, including Italians and foreigners, selected from three different time periods: from its recent past, from its present programme but also from its future one, pointing its gaze a little further ahead, towards the new generations.

The works of Giorgio Bernasconi (Milan, 1998), Amelie Bigard (1997, Lyon), Isabel Yellin (New York, 1987), Cecilia Granara (Jeddah, 1991), Jimmy Milani (1995, Savigliano), Elda Miniero (Benevento, 1998) and Yves Sherer (Solothurn, 1987) will show us a vivid example of the artistic lineage that has, and will continue to distinguish Studiolo’s programming.

Antonio Di Mino: Co-Founder, Director
Maria Chiara Valacchi: Co-Founder, Curator



from 10.01.2023 to 21.01.2023
Via degli Ausoni 7

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