Fashion Design Workshop – “Let’s play with the idea of sensuality and inclusion”

On the occasion of Altaroma 2023 on Wednesday 1 February at 6:30 pm at the RUFA Fashion Lab the workshop: “Let’s play with the idea of sensuality and inclusion” was held, under the guidance of the expert designer Alessandra Donato, Founder of the sustainable brand TANGOLI, and Guenda Cermel, Coordinator of the Bachelor’s programme in Sustainable Fashion Design.

A workshop open to all, to play with the values of femininity and seduction (with a quotation from Vivienne Westwood), going beyond the current patterns of unisex and genderless. An upcycling acitivty to create an original garment from recycled haute couture dresses and fabrics. To this end, participants are encouraged to bring one to three garments that they intend to throw away, or vintage, salvaged, etc. and safety pins, pins, and fabric scissors.

In the era of ‘sex sells’, sex was and is only used to create a positive association of thought with a certain product and thus drive the consumer to purchase. Today, however, in fashion, there is talk of alternative sensualities, the sole purpose of which is to regain the feminine centrality of women or people in general. Sensuality must be an intimate idea and linked to the relationship with one’s own body, one’s own self-esteem.
With fashion’s interest in diversity and inclusion, the meaning of dressing sensually is changing. The term ‘sexy’ itself is now subjective and complex. This workshop on ‘recycling’ puts the body and its forms at the centre, and the source clothes and fabrics are truly reinterpreted, experienced and transformed. While discussing models of femininity in fashion with images and videos to draw inspiration from.

Alessandra Donato

Growing up in Rome in a creative family, Alessandra began creating clothes at the age of sixteen for her friends.
At eighteen she moved to Paris to learn the art of haute couture, and it was there that she began her ten-year career in the fashion world, dividing her time between London, Paris and Stockholm, and working for brands of the calibre of Chanel, Balmain, Maison Margiela and Acne studios. Back in Rome, she chose to give life to her own artistic vision, and founded the fashion brand TANGOLI, a reality that makes sustainability its strong point, through recycled and dead-stock materials of haute couture, made-to-order and km 0 work. Femininity and softness are the strong lines of the garments, which are also made to measure.

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