Before Sex. The photographic exhibition curated by two RUFA students.

See you on November 25 at 21.30 at the TAG, Trastevere Art Gallery, for BeforeSex , a project by photographer Valerio de Berardinis, married by Kalzenere collective, and curated by RUFA students, Martina Valente and Iris Gentili.
The idea is to deal with the moment when the human being / lover, before the turbine of passion, is suspended in a limbo of thoughts and moods and seeks the ultimate equation of loving history: intimate and often inconceivable definitive answer to the possible future of the report.
The technique of image creation comes from the reflection made on the parallelism between today’s smartphone and the Polaroid of the past, the same privacy, the same square format and the same ambiguous quality.
The end of the exhibition is to push both the artists and the spectator to enter into an almost unexplored, uncomfortable and secret intimacy

TAG, Trastevere Art Gallery

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