L’Altra Faccia della Medusa

L’ “Altra Faccia della Medusa” is a Set Design project that examines the career of the designer Gianni Versace, bringing to light his moments of glory and victories.
Following events previously organized as a tribute to the designer, starting from Donatella Versace herself, her sister, the choice to recreate a fashion show makes room without being banal.
Location chosen for the event: Le Castella, Calabria.
It was a duty to bring Gianni Versace back to his native land.
The realization of this project was possible through an in-depth research of new technologies applied to the environment and unique installations.
Elegant but kitsch, challenging and simple, at the same time, a play of symbols between location and the Scenography will celebrate the bond that the designer has always had with culture and the world of art, thus making an “already seen” event one of a kind.
This union between fashion and SetDesign comes from a personal passion for both disciplines, one theoretically the other practically, almost to complete each other.
To make the impact even more grandiose is the use of gold, an important workhorse that the Versace brand has carried with it since its origins, and is perhaps also a bit of a legacy of Greek culture.

Gold is wealth, gold is elegance, gold is history, gold is Versace.


Ludovica Messina