Short Courses

Ongoing education for all.

RUFA has always been attentive to the evolution of the workplace and to the needs of students and professionals, and of those who are passionate about art and creativity, and for this reason it offers a varied programme of Short Courses, designed specifically for those who want to acquire or improve their skills in the field of visual arts, design and communication.

Those who want to approach or deepen these disciplines and have time available in the evenings and weekends, can find interesting opportunities and appropriate solutions in RUFA’s Short Courses.

Qualified lecturers and limited number of students.

In order to guarantee a high level of education and training to the participants, the Short Courses are structured on a limited number of classrooms, with qualified RUFA lecturers carefully selected to provide the best training for mainly adult students and participants.

Customised courses and programmes.

In addition to the Short Courses in presence of groups, RUFA offers the possibility to individuals, small groups and companies to create tailor-made courses, with customisable schedules and modalities – both in presence and online – to develop skills in the artistic and technical fields with specific software:
– Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign;
– Video Editing with Adobe After Effects;
– 3D modelling (Rhino, 3D Studio Max);
– Copywriting;
– Web Design with Word Press.

Again, the courses are taught by RUFA lecturers qualified in the education of young people and adults, and a certificate of attendance is issued to each participant on completion of the course.

For more information and to create ad hoc courses based on your existing skills and specific needs, please write to

Credits photo: Gaia Flamigni

Artistic Drawing

COURSE DESCRIPTION The artistic drawing course is aimed both at those who want to approach drawing for the first time and at those who already have basic skills and wish to acquire new techniques and greater familiarity in translating reality onto paper. Participants are guided by the lecturer along a pathway that allows them to…

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COURSE DESCRIPTION The photography course is aimed at those who wish to acquire and develop the professional techniques of photography, understood in terms of a discipline belonging to the visual arts. The lessons include learning the professional use of digital cameras, laboratory experiences including shooting in the studio and outdoors using both artificial and natural…

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COURSE DESCRIPTION How to shoot a film. The Film-Making course is aimed at those who want to acquire and develop the basic techniques of cinematography, understood as a discipline belonging to the visual arts, through the creation of a personal audiovisual project. The aim of the course is to follow the creation of a short…

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COURSE DESCRIPTION The Painting course is aimed at all those who want to approach or deepen their practice of painting disciplines through a series of workshops in small groups. The practical lessons begin with brief theoretical presentations focusing on the theory of colour, the rules of composition, the various painting techniques and related operational procedures,…

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