Summer Academy

Coming together as a community has been completely challenged during the past two years and we are happy now to embrace new kinds of collectivity and celebrate each other’s presence, enjoying the wonderful summer of Rome at RUFA.



RUFA Summer Academy 2022 aims to offer a wide range of opportunities to learn and practice arts, design, and communication and will take place on-site in Room in July and September 2022. Our Summer Academy 2022 comprises a number of different programs:

Creative Summer Camp

It’s a full immersion program to introduce high school students to all the creative fields we explore at RUFA: drawing, painting, design, photography, film, and Italian culture. This program will help you discover what you really love. It will be held in English from 4th to 15th July.

Creative Portfolio

We have two distinctive preparatory courses to help you familiarize yourself with a specific creative field and build a portfolio to discuss during your admission exam. One course will be focused on Design, Graphic Design, the other one on Photography and Cinema. Both courses will be held in Italian from 1st to 9th September.

Creative Laboratory

RUFA will host various advanced workshops for college students and adults to deep dive into specific theories, techniques, and practices through ad-hoc programs with top-notch artists and professionals. Each workshop will last one week and there will be the chance to combine more workshops in a row. They will be held in English from 4th to 22th July.

Creative Summer camp

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH Live the unique experience of the Creative Summer camp. The Creative Summer camp is aimed at young international and Italian students who want to live a unique experience in the Eternal City and study painting, design, photography, cinema and art history, attending the study program of one of the most prestigious…

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Design portfolio

  TAUGHT IN ITALIAN 1-9 SEPTEMBER 2022 ❯ Discovering the worlds of design. The Design Portfolio Program intensive course will accompany you in the practical and theoretical exploration of the essential elements of design: reasons and genesis of form, visual perception, operational practices, methodologies and historical-cultural background. An engaging course designed to offer a transversal…

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Photography and cinema portfolio

  TAUGHT IN ITALIAN 1-9 SEPTEMBER 2022 ❯ Photography and film-making: from theory to practice. The Photography and cinema portfolio program will take you on a practical and theoretical exploration of the essentials of photography and filmmaking: operational practices, methodologies and cultural-historical background to provide you with a cross-sectional overview of this world. In the…

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Performance Art Laboratory

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH Discover the secrets of performance art. Performance Art Laboratory offers a direct and concrete experience of performance art, and prepares you for the conception and development of a live performance. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to practice various practices and identify your own unique and personal mode of…

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Guerilla filmmaking laboratory

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH The art of filmmaking, telling your world in real time The Guerilla Filmmaking Laboratory will provide you with the knowledge you need to make digital cinema without being bogged down by the methodology, logistics, and costs of traditional cinema productions. As in Italian Neorealism, Nouvelle Vague, and Independent Cinema you will…

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Food Photography con Gambero Rosso

  DIDATTICA IN ITALIANO The Art of Food Photography Il workshop Food Photography con la Gambero Rosso Academy ti permetterà di acquisire le tecniche più importanti relative alla fotografia del cibo come forma di espressione artistica. Avrai l’opportunità di esaltare le caratteristiche di qualsiasi piatto e ingrediente, riuscendo a “tirar fuori” la sua bellezza e…

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Interaction Design Laboratory

  TAUGHT IN ENGLISH Explore the world of Interaction Design. The workshop aims to provide designers, artists and creative people with the practical fundamentals to deal with the design of interactive objects, environments and installations, illustrating the typical operating methods of interaction design, a discipline that combines design culture and technological innovation. What is the…

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