Summer Academy

Roma Caput Mundi.

Thanks to its privileged location in the center of Rome, RUFA has been the preferred choice for foreign students over the last fifteen years. Students who attend RUFA summer Academy have the opportunity to enjoy a unique summer experience in Rome while studying art, photography and Italian language. Through RUFA summer courses, students take part in a six-month study program, in one of the most prestigious Fine Arts and Communication Academies in Rome, enriching their education and their curriculum.

An international vocation.

With a strong international drive and a vocation for teaching, RUFA is the Academy that foreign students who are interested in learning Italian choose. By attending RUFA summer Academy, besides learning the language, students have the opportunity to study and apply their knowledge of photography and art in real-time. Rome, the eternal city, has always been the place that attracts serious art students. Staying in Rome offers the unique opportunity to visit a vast and unparalleled collection of art. Combining Rome’s magical environment with the quality of teaching at RUFA, the summer Academy is a unique experience, essential for foreign art students.

RUFA courses are recognized within the educational system for international programs in English (Semester Abroad Programs), and guarantee that the educational offer established by international agreement is provided.

Learning and leisure.

RUFA summer Academy is managed by the Academy. The goal is to allow foreign students to learn about photographic composition, art history and culture, ever present in the city of Rome. The curriculum is combined with tourism activities, guided excursions and popular music events.

The language component involves a very flexible Italian language course, which does not require prior knowledge of the language, divided into 4 daily lessons to be attended in classes of maximum 12 participants, all strictly foreigners. The course is based on a strong and continuous work on conversation skills, so that from the beginning all students are able to understand, express themselves and actively participate in the lessons. Through art and photography workshops, students will deepen their knowledge of the Italian language by applying it to the study of ancient and contemporary Italian culture and art. They will carry out painting, drawing, nude figure drawing (Art course), photographic composition and shooting techniques (Photography course) projects.

RUFA Summer Academy is open to everyone. It is taught in English and Italian and at the end of it a certificate of attendance is issued.

Summer Academy 2021