Two year Master of Arts Degree Programs

Get ready for the professional workforce.

The best next-step after completing the three-year first level degree, is the second level Academic Diploma course of study, which takes two years to complete. It is a course of study designed to meet the specific needs of students who already have a solid background in art, communication and design, and are almost ready to enter the workforce.

Training that connects you to the real world.
As an ideal next-step after the three-year Academic Diploma, the two-year course of study is based on a practical and concrete program. The course is oriented towards connecting students to the realities and requirements of the professional workforce. In order to reach this goal, it is essential that RUFA teachers are established professionals working in their fields of expertise. They are required to facilitate the connection between students and their professional future.

Experience in practice.
The two-year second level Academic Diploma course offers students a robust program of practical experience, to also be achieved beyond the walls of the Academy itself, with the aim of putting students and professions in close contact. Teachers encourage the two-years students to take advantage of and participate in important opportunities at a national level. These include work labs, seminars, workshops, internships, interdisciplinary projects, exhibitions, conferences, art openings, competitions, events and sponsorships. Students can participate in these activities as junior designers, assistants, creatives, producers, and production coordinators.
The two-year second level Academic Diploma offers students the following courses to choose from:
Multimedia Spaces Design and Technologies Course / Visual and Innovation Design /
Computer animation and special effects / Film Arts / Scenography /
Sculpture / Painting / Graphic Arts  / Decoration.
Admission to the specialized two-year course of study is open to all students who have achieved a Fine Arts Academic Diploma. The three-year Fine Arts Academic Diploma is equivalent to an undergraduate university degree. The two-year second level Diploma is awarded after obtaining at least 120 credits and is equivalent to a post-graduate university degree.

Note: RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, is a private Fine Arts Academy, legally recognized by the Education, University and Research Ministry (MIUR). RUFA Academy grants a Diploma that is equivalent to a university degree.