Qualified Researcher

Becoming a qualified researcher.

Learning to become a researcher is an exciting opportunity where students’ innovative ideas generate future development, progress, and change. The academic preparation offered by the RUFA research-training course (CRF), is prestigious and certified, and is specific for Ph.D. candidates in the Arts. The curriculum for RUFA Ph.D. candidates is equivalent to that offered by the most prestigious academies.

Subjects of great ambition.
Through the RUFA research-training course, scientific research in artistic subjects becomes one of the most interesting opportunities for academic growth and high-level professional specialization. Further generations’ academic ambitions can be reached thanks to the RUFA research training courses, the ideal place to invest intelligence, culture and capabilities.

Educational content and real connections.
For the highest level of university education, RUFA has put together an inspiring package of opportunities that provide the Ph.D. candidate with practical technical and scientific training, and with wide-range access to all types of studies, stimulus, projects, content and professional links necessary to complete his or her research.

Academic or business, always independent.
An essential requirement in undertaking professional research, in both the academic and business fields, is total scientific autonomy. The RUFA research-training course curriculum is divided equally between programming and production activities, in order to form a balanced and distinctive training package.

Prestigious collaboration.
The Ph.D. candidates enrolled in the RUFA research-training course (CRF) may participate in courses organized in partnership with other A.F.A.M. institutions, as well as with private and public universities. They may also participate in courses in agreement with public entities that meet the requirements of high-level artistic, scientific, cultural and technological quality requested by the Doctorate. The RUFA research-training course (CRF) is established and organized in accordance with national regulations, the Institutional Didactic Regulations and the Research Training Courses guidelines, approved by the C.N.A.M. (National Council for Artistic and Musical High-Level Professional Training) in the 03/02/2011 meeting.