BA Admissions

Joining the community of RUFA is not difficult, but it requires commitment and determination. To be admitted to the Bachelor of Arts programs you will need to pass an admission test, that will enable us to assess your motivation and aptitude to study at RUFA. For Italian students in some case direct matriculation is possible. Admission tests vary according to the chosen course, cycle, and if the student is transferring from another University. Admission to RUFA is open to all graduates of the various types of high school, each with its own specific admission procedures.

Requirements for admission

Italian Students
For enrolment, an upper secondary school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognized as suitable by the Academy, in accordance with international agreements, is required.

International students
For enrolment you must submit:
– a High school diploma confirming 12 years of schooling, recognized through a “Declaration of Value (DV)” of the Italian Consulate or the two comparability and authenticity certificates issued by CIMEA; Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence affiliated with RUFA.
– official translation of the qualifications and the transcripts (if it is not in Italian or English)
– a certificate stating that you have passed the proof of academic suitability exam, if required to be admitted to Universities in your Country (Selectividad, YKS etc.), or achieved the results required to access higher education studies in Italy (APs, A levels etc.);
– a certificate stating that you have an adequate level of Italian or English (depending on the language in which the course it taught);
– for Non-EU students: study visa required to attend the Academic programs (to be requested through Universitaly);
– Students must send a copy of their residence permit/residence permit request to the International students office within 8 working days from arriving in Italy.

Procedure for admission

Enrolment in any of the Bachelor of Arts programs depends on passing an admission test. Only the Italian Students that have an Art High School Diploma can enroll directly in the BA programs in Painting, Sculpture and Installations and Set Design. The test is compulsory for all international students. For all other RUFA academic courses, depending on the student’s studies and how similar they are to the chosen course, direct enrolment is possible with a high school diploma final grade of at least 80/100 (without taking the admission exam). In case of a lower grade, it is still possible to enrol after passing the admission test. Once you register for the test, you will receive an email with further information regarding the timetable and how the test is carried out.
Admission to the Bachelor of Arts programs is based on the following procedures:

Click here and find out information about the admission test for the course of interest
Scultura e installazione (ITA/ENG)
Scenografia (ITA)
CORSI A NUMERO PROGRAMMATODesign (ITA/ENG)L'immatricolazione diretta è riservata agli studenti provenienti da liceo artistico o istituto con indirizzo specifico*, è richiesto voto di maturità ≥ 80 / 100
Fashion Design sostenibile (ITA/ENG)
Multimedia and Game Art (ITA)
Graphic Design (ITA/ENG)
Comics and Illustration (ITA)
Fotografia (ITA)
Cinema (ITA/ENG)
* Design course: Art High School Diploma in Architecture, Environment – Design – Set Design / Technical Diploma for surveyors in Construction, Environment and Territory.
Sustainable Fashion Design course: Art high school diploma in the field of Set Design – Fashion Design – Textile Design – Fashion Design / Professional Institutes for Fashion / Technical Institutes for Fashion.
Multimedia and Game Art course: Artistic High School Diploma in Graphics – Audio-Visual and Multimedia / Technical Diploma in Graphics and Communication / Audio-Visual Industry Technician / Professional in Graphics and Multimedia.
Graphic design and Comics and illustration courses: Art High School Diploma in the field of Graphics – Engraving Techniques and Art Illustration – Cartoon and Comics / Graphics and Communication Technician Diploma / Professional for Graphics.
Cinema course: Art High School Diploma in Audio-Visual and Multimedia – Cinema and Photography / Audio-Visual Industry Technician / Photographic Image Production Technician.
Photography and Audiovisual course: Audio-Visual and Multimedia Art High School Diploma – Cinema and Photography / Audio-Visual Industry Technician / Photographic Image Production Technician of the photographic image.
Painting, Sculpture and Installations, Set Design courses: Art High School Diploma.

Students interested in enrolling in an academic course in English must demonstrate their knowledge of the language throughan intermediate level certificate (B2 – CEFR).

Language requirements

BA programs taught in Italian
International students must have reached an adequate knowledge of the Italian language, so to be able to attend the courses. In order to prove that they possess the required Italian language knowledge level, generally B2, students must submit an Italian knowledge certificate, issued by an authorized institution such as CILS, CELI, PLIDA etc.

BA programs taught in English
Students are required to submit a certificate that demonstrates their knowledge of English through an intermediate level certificate (B2-CEFR) such as IELTS, Pearson, TOEFL, Cambridge, Oxford etc. If you possess a different certificate please contact




First session

Closing date for applications 22 January

Second session

Closing date for applications 7 April

Third session

Closing date for applications 9 June

Fourth sessione

Closing date for applications 08 September

Fifth sessione

Closing date for applications 29 September

The admission test can be taken online upon request by all international students and Italian students resident outside the Lazio region.

Direct matriculation

Closing date for applications 29 September

Fee for admission test

Italian Students
50,00€ for January, April and June sessions
100,00 € for September and October sessions
International students
100,00 € for all sessions

Early bird

(Valid for first year only)
All Italian students who enrol directly by 30 July will benefit from a reduction of € 1,200.00.

The admission exam for the BA program consists of:
– logical reasoning, aptitude and culture (related to the chosen course) test – 60 questions to be completed 50 minutes, computer based test. Candidates of the courses in Painting and Sculpture and Installations will also have to sit a practical art test;
– motivational interview. For foreign students living abroad, it will be possible to sit the entire admission test online.
The final score will be calculated as follows:
– 60% logical reasoning/aptitude test;
– 30% oral and portfolio (practical test / drawing for Painting and Sculpture and Installations courses);
– 10% final score in high school diploma.
The admission exam is aimed to evaluate aptitudes, motivations and the abilities of the candidates. For international students, the admission exam may also be held online.
Results: at the end of the admission tests, a ranking will be published stating the admitted, eligible and non-admitted students.

Documents to register for the admission test

  • Application for online admission
  • Photocopy of an identification document and the tax registration code (it is possible to calculate a provisional code when booking the test. Please proceed with the booking to find out how to calculate it).
  • High school diploma, original copy or a self-declaration – Download Template
  • Proof of the payment of the admission fee (the amount varies according to the session)

After passing the admission test, you will be required to submit your enrollment form, within the period specified, together with the following documents:

  • Application for online matriculation
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Receipt of the € 1,200.00 enrollment fee and of the € 140.00 regional tax
  • Language certification or documentation confirming the knowledge of the English language for all students who wish to study a BA in English and of Italian for all international students who wish to study a BA in Italian;
  • For non-EU students: study visa/residence permit required to attend the Academic Programs
  • For international students or Italian students who have achieved their qualification abroad “Declaration of value” (Dichiarazione di valore) or CIMEA certificates of authenticity and comparability.


Documents for direct matriculation for Italian students only

  • Enrollment form for online matriculation
  • Two passport size photographs, copy of identity card and fiscal code
  • Original educational qualification document or self-certification – Download the model
  • Payment receipt of the € 1,200.00 enrollment fee and of the € 140.00 regional tax
  • Language certification or documentation demonstrating the knowledge of English if choosing a course; taught in English. For more information contact the Guidance Office

All students enrolled at other Universities will be able to access the BA programs provided that they complete all of the transferring procedures by the deadline (September 2021).
By transferring (without withdrawing from their studies), students can ask to have the exams they took at their University recognized.
To have the exams recognized, students must submit the list of the exams they sat and the program of each subject. Before enrollment students can ask for a preliminary evaluation. The preliminary evaluation is to be considered only as a guideline. This first evaluation is not binding for enrollment purposes. For further information contact the International office.

This admission procedure may consist of:
– an admission interview: if the student has achieved many credits and exams that are similar to those of the course they have chosen at RUFA, but they come from a different academic/university background;
– interview and admission test: if the student has achieved only a few (or no) exams that may be recognized, and if he/she comes from different academic studies/University faculty.
For further info please contact the Orientation office.