OUT – The art of losing oneself


The project stems from a reflection on people’s behaviour towards museums. The aim is to break down the museum/society divide, to make people realise how necessary art is and that you don’t have to be an expert to be able to interpret or judge it.

OUT guarantees a personalised experience: the focal point of the service is a labyrinthine shaped space in which digital replicas of works from local museums will be placed, these will be remixed according to themes, giving them a different interpretation. Each visitor will be able to choose his or her own route guided by emotions and sensations, will be able to save works with a badge and through this he or she will be recommended a work that best represents his or her route, will have the opportunity to go and see the original in the museum and to explore it further through an app.

In this way, one breaks the gap between museum and society, getting to know art and oneself.