Ostiense campus – Rome


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Ex Falegnameria Triestina

A new 6000 square metre campus in the heart of the Ostiense district, in a stimulating and fascinating setting, where art, teaching, workshops and events open to the local area will coexist.

The large area to be regenerated by 2023 is the Ex Falegnameria Triestina in Via Libetta, which has been the hub of Roman nightlife, known for hosting some of the capital’s most famous clubs including the Goa Club, already closed during the pandemic period. A significant transition from the music entertainment sector to the creative industry. A true cultural hub that will host teaching spaces, laboratories, spaces dedicated to numerous events aimed at the local area, and exhibitions and performances curated by RUFA students.

A sustainable project
The new Campus will be sustainable: it will be the first creative hub in Rome to be equipped with energy-efficient systems, with an integrated system that, thanks to photovoltaics, will cover almost all of its needs. In the external square, the main common area where students will meet, green areas and charging stations for electric vehicles will be set up, agreements for bike sharing will be signed, and racks will be installed to make it easier for the entire community to use alternative means of transport to cars. In addition, special attention will be paid to the arrangement of green areas and plants in the interior to reduce the harmful effects of indoor pollution.

A cultural hub open to the local area
An avant-garde university campus, a bearer of innovation and sustainability, to fulfil the expectations of the next generation of artists who have found a home in the Ostiense district. A modern agora for students who will be able, in addition to teaching activities, to interact and attend video projections, performance installations, exhibitions and also events open to the local area.