Service cinema

Ciak, azione! Ecco il service di Cinema

Ciak, action! The purpose of the Cinema Service is to flank the didactics of the School of Cinema with the practical activities that characterize this very special course of study, providing not only the technical material necessary for the proper conduct of the same, but also information on the use of equipment and the best setup that they are able to offer. The goal is simple and immediate: to give students the opportunity to interact and touch the main instruments they have heard about during the lessons. But that’s not all. The Cinema Service department is responsible for checking, verifying and keeping operational all the equipment used throughout the year, continually searching for technical solutions, agile and up-to-date, for the realization of increasingly high-performance audiovisuals.

It is also the job of this office to teach how to take care of the equipment, providing all the information on its proper use and storage. Together with the coordinators of the School of Cinema, the annual production plan is also organized, so that RUFA equipment can be borrowed, put to the test and shoot a product that is as professional as possible.