RUFA Arena

Arena Street Soccer

On the roofs of the Pastificio, at the top, between the clouds and the seagulls, football can be played on a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 mini pitch. RUFA created it to offer its entire community moments of sport to take a break from the long hours of study and design. Every city in the world has its own street soccer field. RUFA’s is vertical: by looking up, we can see the future better. Whoever wins here, wins almost everywhere. RUFA is the first (and only) Academy of Fine Arts in Italy to design and implement such as project.

The bookings for RUFA Arena are to be made exclusively at the front office of RUFA – Pastificio Cerere.
At the time of booking it is mandatory to indicate:
1) the name and data of each player;
2) start time and end time in which the field will ne used, considering that each match cannot exceed twenty minutes.

At the time of booking, all players must necessarily sign the “Waiver for the use of RUFA Arena Street Soccer” through which they also accept the rules. The use of the field can only take place during the days and hours in which the Pastificio is open.

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