San Lorenzo campus – Rome

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Ex Pastificio Cerere

This is RUFA’s new home: three floors located within the emblematic Pastificio Cerere, surrounded by the ateliers of the great artists of the “Scuola di San Lorenzo”. An authentic workshop full of stimuli for our students, who study immersed in a creative context of international importance. Our spaces within the Pastificio also host exhibitions and projects and have, for all purposes, become the showcase of our artistic production. In this place, the transition from the imagined to the real is immediate. One thousand five hundred square meters built with the future in mind, from a retro-style design that embraces the post-industrial era of the great New York-style apartments, for the functionality of educational activities, as well as to experience the city in an unconventional manner.

The Semoleria is a perfect setting of modernity and art. Music, presentations, conferences, live exhibitions, digital marketing, talks, workshops, artistic performances, festivals, artificial intelligence: a cultural, multi-purpose and multitasking hub that focuses on creativity, imagination and ingenuity. An open space, with a great terrace, which is perfectly linked to the well-known RUFA Space, to accommodate events of all kinds. A unique setting, denying the idea of being trivial.

Research is the heart of the LAB, its axis for transmitting impulses, its reason for being.
In Rome, San Lorenzo, in the district of creativity, outposts, trends and reasons for tomorrow. There, in the historic industrial building of Pastificio Cerere, is the home of the RUFA LAB, the centre of thought and digital production that enables the entire RUFA community to design and create, thanks to machinery, tools and procedures located halfway between craftsmanship and experimental research.
A lively and pulsing academy such as RUFA could not but have its own digital manufacturing workshop, plastic rooms and moments of fusion between art and technology.
Specifically for product design, lighting and multimedia design productions, the LAB serves all types of manual and creative approach by the Academy, given that it is equipped with 3D printers, milling machines, laser cutters and all tools for digging, sculpting, modelling, building, assembling and, in short, creating.

On the roofs of the Pastificio, at the top, between the clouds and the seagulls, football can be played on a mini pitch, 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2, created by RUFA to offer its entire community moments of sport to be alternated with long hours of study and design. Every city in the world has its own street soccer field. RUFA’s is vertical: by looking up, we can see the future better. Then, whoever wins here, wins almost everywhere. RUFA is the first (and only) Academy of Fine Arts in Italy to design and implement such as project.