0% interest financing

RUFA strongly believes in the right to study and, thanks to the agreements made with Consel (Banca Sella Group), it facilitates access to education for its students through the possibility of taking advantage of “zero percent interest financing”.

When enrolling in RUFA, the payment of the fee for teaching, equipment and workshops as well as the tuition fee can be made in 12 monthly instalments, for a maximum of € 5.000,00 per year. Example for € 5.000,00 financing = € 416,67 per month.

To take advantage of this opportunity, it is necessary for a guarantor to be present to sign the paperwork at the Administration Office of RUFA, as well as to submit his/her last pay slip or tax return and a photocopy of his/her ID and tax code.

The successful outcome of the request depends on the Credit Institution.