Fondazione Pastificio Cerere

RUFA has initiated a partnership with Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, a no profit foundation created in 2005 inside the Cerere pasta factory. Its main objective is to promote and support contemporary art.

Through many meetings, exhibitions and workshops, the Foundation aims to promote interactions between contemporary artistic forms of expression and the experimentation of new ways of participating and intervening, while stimulating an open dialogue with the city and involving an increasingly diverse audience.
One of the intents of the Foundation’s mission is to meticulously keep track of all of the educational activities. It couldn’t be any other way if we consider the history of the building where it is based and its re-conversion from an old pasta factory to a place of artistic production, cultural hub, work and exchange space, ever so welcoming.

The collaboration, activated with the intent of creating a synergy between the cultural entities in the building and to actively include the young people that live in and share the building’s space, offers RUFA students the chance to use the Foundation’s exposition spaces: the silos, where grain was originally stored, and Spazio Molini, underground and recently recovered thanks to the restoration of the ancient mill.