Guidance in the academy

Individual guidance meetings

The RUFA guidance office is active in organizing, throughout the year, individual meetings for students, families and teachers. These aim to familiarize students with the Academy and provide information on its training programmes, future career prospects and admission requirements with special emphasis on the services offered, counselling policies and other extra-curricular activities. An integral element of the meeting is a tour of the Academy’s various departments, studios, lecture halls and spaces devoted to student use.
Guidance meetings can be booked Monday to Friday, from 9:30 to 17:00.

Academy visits for high school students.
The RUFA guidance office also arranges visits to the Academy for groups of year 4 and 5 high school students. These aim to provide a general overview of the educational activities offered by the Academy in addition to more detailed information on specific courses.

For further information and appointments:
Guidance Office and School Relations
Phone: +39 06 858 659 17