RUFA Factory

The Think Tank.

RUFA Academy is a flourishing, pulsating environment, constantly seeking new input and vision, to improve on its study program and to offer its students a platform with the most creative ideas and inspiration in real-time.
Contamination is the word of the day, or rather, discovering the crossroads between different creative realities, bouncing-off and influencing one another, generating continuous motion, essential for anyone engaged in art and communication.

Those who study and those who produce.
Production companies, big names in industry, the Arts, and communication and design professionals, all interact regularly within the RUFA Factory to create co-branding, internships, and marketing and advertising events.
These events are created to promote contemporary trends and developments in a variety of creative professions and specialized fields.
RUFA factory is the permanent creative think tank where new ideas, motivated people and creative trends bring new life to the course material on offer at the Academy.

Creative Drive.
Inside the RUFA Factory, artists, designers, creative professionals, fashion designers, theorists, patrons and art dealers, filmmakers, photographers, and actors all come together.
They produce endless creations and variations in the name of experimentation and innovation. Inside the RUFA Factory, teaching and learning is not limited to a single discipline. There is a constant interplay between disciplines, where new ways of thinking take form.

Constant innovation.
RUFA Factory is a creative atelier supervised by the Design and Applied Arts Department at RUFA.
It provides technical and logistical support to students and the collaborating companies involved.
Its training and learning goals are to research and study innovation within the production processes and the final products themselves.
Graphic arts, industrial design, fashion, multi-media, theater, visual art and new technologies for video art are the main parameters that the RUFA Factory work within.