Internships and job placements

Internships and job placement.

RUFA graduates are better prepared to work with leading companies, thanks in part to internship opportunities in which they have had the chance to learn and grow.

The internship and the opportunity to confront the reality of the workforce is a fundamental passage in creating a professional profile.

At RUFA, the internship is part of the study program, every student that is enrolled has the right to participate in a professional internship with one of the partner companies that work with RUFA.

The companies who are interested in becoming a partner in the RUFA internship network are requested to contact the office of Internship and Placement: they will receive the candidate profiles that best correspond with their requirements and they can then proceed to contact the students directly.

The proper documentation required by law and the extend insurance coverage for interns will be foreseen by RUFA.

Internship request form and documents available for downloading:
Rules for internships and apprenticeships
Internship training project student form
Student journal record
Student feedback questionnaire form

Internship and Placement Office
Dr. Giulia Mencarelli

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