Internships and job placement

In synergy with the world of art and the creative industries.

The relationship with businesses and the job market is a key aspect of any education program. Thanks to a solid cultural, artistic and technical preparation and a varied program of internships, workshops, masterclasses and special projects, RUFA graduates are particularly predisposed to finding professional opportunities that are in line with their studies.

At RUFA, students can undertake a professional internship experience while being supervised by expert tutors at companies, public and private organizations, museums, film production companies, ateliers, artistic and professional studios.

The partners of RUFA can submit internship offers at any time of the year to the Academy’s Internship and Placement Office, so as to receive student applications that correspond to their requests and select the most suitable candidates. Insurance is covered by the Academy.

A company, organization or studio interested in becoming a partner of RUFA and in offering internships to students, or proposing other opportunities for collaborations, can register here:

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    Dr Eleonora Ghigiarelli
    Address: Via Chiana 38 – 00199, Rome – Italy
    Phone: +39 06 99345487

    Elenco aziende convenzionate


    Frame Arts Artes

    Arti Visive

    Studio multidisciplinare, atelier d'artista, mostre temporanee, installazioni, videoteca

    Nazareno Fontana Restauri

    Arti Visive


    Opificio della Rosa

    Arti Visive

    Opificio per la diffusione e la conoscenza di tecniche di incisione a basso impatto ambientale, xilografia, calcografia

    Studio artistico Antonio Passa

    Arti Visive

    Studio di pittura

    Studio artistico Enrico di Nicolantonio

    Arti Visive

    Studio di Pittura

    Studio artistico Gioacchino Pontrelli

    Arti Visive

    Studio Pittura

    Studio artistico Maurizio Savini

    Arti Visive

    Studio Pittura

    Studio artistico Simone Bertugno

    Arti Visive

    Studio scultura


    Arti Visive

    Studio Pittura