Internships and job placements

Internships and job placement.

Statistically RUFA graduates are more prepared than their peers to find stable employment once they leave the Academy. This is because they have been effectively trained through an extensive and solid program of practical activities, workshops and curricular internships.

Experience in the field and of the job market are essential for a successful future in the professional world.

The internship and placement office and the tutors of the courses supervise the students, for a qualified curricular internship at one of the countless companies that are partners of the Academy.

Companies interested in becoming partners of the internship network of RUFA (also if proposed by the students), can contact the Internship and Placement Office in order to receive the applications for job profiles that are related to their needs.

The insurance of the students carrying out an internship is covered entirely by the Academy.

Internship request form and documents available for downloading:
Rules for internships and apprenticeships
Internship training project student form
Student journal record
Student feedback questionnaire form
Internship and Placement Office
Dr. Giulia Mencarelli

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