Studying in Rome


Glancing back in time, towards the future

Studying the creative arts in an atmosphere contaminated with stimuli and inducements of the highest possible relevance offers inestimable advantages. Rome was the very cradle of the Renaissance and, still today, the city’s historic and artistic heritage is an emblem of worldwide renown. Yet Rome is also a constantly changing city, where dynamic, exciting new languages make it a stage for new, exhilarating contemporary trends. The great diversity on offer in the city’s museums and galleries is the most obvious testament to this. Indeed, Rome boasts not only an illustrious classical proffering but also a stimulating calendar of events and initiatives coming under the banner of new trends and ranging from art to music and even cartoon work.
Don’t pass up on the chance of studying in the midst of the turbine engine of artistic stimuli which is Rome. Studying here means stepping into the history of the future!