The 4 dimensions of 3D

The objective of the thesis was to combine the psychological factor with the aesthetic one of a character. When thinking about character design, the common goal is usually to take care only of the visual aspect, but so that the public can feel a connection with the character, there must be something they can relate to, the character must be credible, have fears, joys, hope, desires.
Through modeling, the idea is given real life. So we move through the reading of the shapes in 2d identifying the characters in one of the three basic shapes, triangle, square and circle, up to, through the various sheets created previously, the modeling of the character by extruding it in 3D, taking care of the arrangement of the loops in some parts of the mesh, facilitating the animation process.
In conclusion, the important thing to have a good character is to create a connection with him. Making you feel empathy with a puppy lamp is something amazing, but you can only do it by giving the character one of the most important things, a soul.