At the start “Xiloreportage. Rimini 2017”. RUFA students show the topicality of Xiloreportage.

Between the second (2016) and the third edition (2018) of the Biennale del Disegno di Rimini, the Department of Arts of the City of Rimini and the Municipal Museums propose an extensive exhibition of over 140 works on paper: woodcuts, engravings from original wooden matrixes taken from the prestigious magazine “Xilografia”.
The exhibition, entitled “Xilografia (1924-26). Un’utopia grafica”, inaugurated yesterday in Rimini, in the headquarters of Far, also hosts a part dedicated to the works of RUFA students and Central St Martins in London.
“Xiloreportage. Rimini 2017”, this is the name of the project, born from a workshop in residence at the international graphics center Opificio della Rosa di Montefiore Conca (RN), during which ten university students from RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts and Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London coordinated by Maria Pina Bentivenga (RUFA) and Umberto Giovannini (Central Saint Martins) worked and lived together for ten days.
What our students bring to the exhibition is an artistic project of comparison between past and present. Here xylography, an ancient technique, enters into contamination with other contemporary languages, to become a place of experimentation for a group of ten young creatives, coming from different realities and from various personal and artistic experiences.
As the teacher Maria Pina Bentivenga says in the catalog accompanying the exhibition: “In a historical context of considerable importance like this exhibition, it is intriguing to extend the gaze to the new generations of Italian and international artists, to see how art graphics continue to be a living and strongly expressive language, still attractive to tell the contemporary”.