Multimedia Arts and Design


A new opportunity for in-depth study for RUFA students by thanks to the partnership of the Academy with Her – Human Ecosystems Relations.

From 25 to 30 November Fabbriche ex-Olivetti will host Datapoiesis fall school and 3 places are reserved for RUFA students or graduate with different backgrounds: from art, to design, to business, law, social science, innovation, data and more. To participate in the selection process, you must have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or demonstrate your interest in the subject with the development of a related project or research. The Academy will recognize 2 credits for attendance.
It is mandatory to register by November 10, 2019: participants will have the opportunity to join the team of the future datapoietic start-up. You find all the information to register in the Datapoiesis page.

The project, financed by a grand of Compagnia di San Paolo, aims to create new types of artistic and design objects animated by data sources, which allow the public to establish new relationships with the major issues of our contemporary world: poverty, energy, climate, migration and more.

In the first phase “Obiettivo”, the first datapoietic artistic prototype, was created: a lamp which will turn off only when extreme poverty in the world will get below a certain threshold. Premiered in April, the artwork was acquired in July by the permanent Farnesina Contemporary Art Collection (here the article in Italian), thanks to its ability to engage the general public on societal issues and stimulate solidarity, uniting art, design and research.

In the second phase, inspired by “Obiettivo”, the main objective of the Fall School is to collectively design the first start-up dedicated to the phenomenon of Datapoiesis, its business model, communication strategy and the first datapoietic design line: for five days we will think, act and work as the the team of the future organisation, performing all of it in an immersive environment.

The results will be transformed into an open exhibit, placed in the extraordinary location of the Fabbriche ex-Olivetti, heart of the new Unesco site “Ivrea Industrial City of the XX Century” reviewed by the Scientific Committee and a group of potential investors in the final event of the school.