RUFA student shorts scheduled in Alice in the city

The partnership relationship between RUFA and Alice continues in the city, autonomous and parallel section of the Rome Film Festival, dedicated to the younger generations. Among the short films scheduled are those of four talented students of Rufa Cinema: Matteo Delai, Alain Parroni, Giulia Regini and Simone Saraceno.
The productions made in RUFA are presented to the general public. We are all very proud!

Here is the program not to be missed:

Admiral Cinema

2nd November 20.30
Imagining of Simone Saraceno
Giulio is an introverted and solipsist twenty-four years old, he studied visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He is going through a period of emptiness, he can no longer create anything. He spends hours in his room drawing and painting, or at least he tries, listening to punk rock music. To aggravate his mood comes Marta, a new roommate.

3 November 20.30
Flavio di Giulia Regini
Fabio and Cristina, a young Christian couple, are waiting for their firstborn. During a control ultrasound scan, they become aware of a possible chromosomal alteration in front of which Cristina begins to show concern and fear. Fabio, calmer and stronger than trusting in God, will remain close to his wife, advising her to rely on God’s will, as they have always done, and as a Christian should do.

4 November at 15.00
The Dog, by Matteo Delai
Leo and Bianca are a young couple in their thirties ready to build a future together. They choose to start their project with the purchase of a dog to test their parenting skills but something in Leo changes. More and more absent, more and more distant. All without any apparent reason.

Adavede, by Alain Parroni
In a valley, naked bodies, wreckage, debris and distorted sounds make the scenery almost post-apocalyptic and instead it is only the result of a rave the night before. Walking in the adjacent forest, Clara, 24 years old, comes across a deer. Hoping to capture that enchanting image, the girl points her phone at the animal like a hunter holding his rifle.