Adavede by Alain Parroni triumphed at the 17th edition of the UFCTC in Nice

Adavede, by Alain Parroni, Cinema graduate at RUFA, won the Grand Prix as Best European Short Film at the 17th European Competition Event at UFCTC 2017 in Nice.
After participating at Venice Film Festival, Adavede’s success, a short film created by a team of RUFA students and former RUFA students, carried on throughout Europe. Adavede will be shown at numerous international festivals, including Alice nella Città, section of the Rome Film Festival, the ZINEBI Festival in Bilbao and the Detour On The Road Film Festival in Rome.

This is the team that never ceases to surprise us with its successes:
Direction / Alain Parroni
Script / Alain Parroni
Photography / Girolamo Capuano
Editing / Filippo Montemurro
Music / Dr. Peacock, Optimist Apocalypse
Suond / Denny de Angelis
Scenography/ Francesco Filosa
Costums / Chiara Vigo, Alain Parroni
Actors / Valeria Belardelli, Lorenzo Costa, Michela Hickocx
Production/ Alain Parroni – Threeab
Executive production / Elisabetta Ariemma
Distribution / Humareels