Photography and Audiovisual

The Talk on the 4stars Hotel project excited the entire Aula Magna. Here the photo and video story.

The first RUFA Talk of this academic year has impressed and excited. The Aula Magna was packed with students attentive to the story of Valerio Muscella and Paolo Palermo, about the birth and evolution of the 4Stelle Hotel project. The 4Stelle Hotel is a structure occupied by 300 migrant families, and the classroom testimony of Ibrahim, one of the protagonists of the web documentary, was very precious to really understand how the life of these people takes place. But 4stelle hotel is also a project of innovation in the documentary, which in this case becomes navigable, interactive, allowing the user not only to observe but also to spend a day in the hotel.
Thanks to the teacher Alessandro Carpentieri for editing the talk, and to all the students for participating.
Here the video and photos of the talk.